Try Stable Diffusion Deliberate-v2 for FREE Online

Use the Fabula service to get free access to the stable diffusion neural network. You can generate online images, art, and pictures online for free in our WEBUI editor. All the prompts used in Stable Difusion Deliberate-v2 can be used in the service. 

To use the services, just type in the prompt (keyword) and click on Start Generation. If you need inspiration, click on the Random prompt.

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Fast data processing speed

To provide you with server capacity, we regularly launch new servers and perform optimizations.

Unlimited plans without registration

Use the unlimited image generation service, we don't limit users.

High-quality images

Get high-quality neural network images for free, online and without registration. Just type your text and get images, look how text2imag technology works.

No need for a video card

We provide free server capacity so the world's best creators can create images for free. Use a neural network without your own graphics card.

FAQ about AI Art Generator service

plusIconWhy does service work for free?

The entire Fabula team is developing services for content creators and wants to make AI-generated ART technology available to the masses. We use neural networks with an open license and share this technology for free. You can generate pictures, images, stories, and covers for YouTube/TikTok/Instagram. We try to keep our speed high so that everyone can generate AI pictures within 3-5 seconds.

plusIconDoes the service only work on the Web?

So far the service is online only on the Web, but we are developing an app to enable content creators to work on mobile platforms.

plusIconHow can I thank the Fabula developers?

The best reward for us is to tell your friends about us. If you want to get avatars from the neural network, go to the main page and get the extended version of the service (there are paid and free rates).

plusIconHow to do positive and negative prompts

To work in the pfpget service and Fabula application, you can use the same prompts as for Stable Diffusion deliberate v2 or other versions of Stable Diffusion.

plusIconCan I use the service for free online?

Yes, you do. As long as we ask for registration and don't monetize the neural network, you get all the picture-generation services for free.