Free AI Avatars — The best Pfpmaker alternative

Check out the best PFPMaker alternative. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons to suit your needs.


Summary box: Pfpmaker vs. Fabula

This AI tool enables users to generate AI avatars using their own photographs without any cost. The service provides a wide range of over 100 unique styles to choose from.
Fabula offers free avatar creation to its users, but also offers paid options for additional avatars and faster processing speeds.
The AI tool is capable of producing profile pictures. Its automatic background removal feature eliminates the need for manual effort. Additionally, users can personalize their outcomes by modifying colors, shadows, and positioning according to their preferences.
The price starts at $9 for 120 AI avatars.

Pros & Cons: Pfpmaker

prosIcon Background Removal
prosIcon Background Replacement
prosIcon 4K 300 DPI Resolution for additional price
prosIcon Style selection

consIcon No free plan
consIcon High prices

Pros & Cons: Fabula

prosIconFree AI solution. No hidden fees
prosIconFree stable diffusion tool to create AI art by words
prosIconMultilingual interface: more than 10 languages
prosIconMultiplatform tool: app and telegram bot

consIcon Maximum resolution of avatars is 720x512
consIcon Low speed on free plan

Pricing Details: Pfpmaker vs. Fabula


10 AI avatars


50 AI avatars


200 AI avatars



120 AI avatars


240 AI avatars


Key Comparison: Pfpmaker vs. Fabula

Free AI avatarsYESNO
Background removalNOYES
AI Art Generator by wordsYESNO
App versionYESNO
Quality of AI avatars4 5
Return/Refund PolicyYESYES
Payment securityYESYES

Verdict: Both tools have a strong alignment in terms of features.


In conclusion, the emergence of AI portrait generators has revolutionized the possibilities for artists, photographers, and art enthusiasts. These top-notch AI portrait generators offer an incredible fusion of technology and art.

Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose the platform that best suits your needs. Fabula is recommended for text-prompt based creations and free AI image conversions, while Pfpmaker is ideal for converting, editing, and creating classic portraits.

Best of luck in utilizing these tools to enhance your artistic endeavors!